Lindsay Lohan released from rehab

Wednesday August 25, 2010

After completing three weeks of a 90-day stay at the rehab clinic at UCLA Medical Center, Lindsay Lohan was allowed to leave the facility on Tuesday.

The actress will still be receiving treatment on an outpatient basis, which according to one of the clinc's patients, “is just like the inpatient program, except you get to go home at night.”

Sources report that the actress’ doctors do not believe that her drug dependency or her psychological problems were as severe as first thought. Judge Elden Fox agreed with their assessment.

Earlier this month, the actress' mother Dina Lohan reported that Lindsay would be returning to New York after leaving rehab.

Asked if she was confident that her daughter would come through it all, Dina told the television audience, "She's already through it."

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  • Lindsay Lohan released from rehab

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