Could the Beckhams say 'bonjour' to Paris?

Tuesday October 25, 2011

Now that his time at LA Galaxy is up, David Beckham's fans are wondering where his career will take him next.

And perhaps a move back to Europe is on the cards, if certain reports are to be believed.

David is apparently considering transferring to French football team Paris Saint-Germain.

The club is one of the wealthiest in the sport – worth an estimated £38 billion pounds – with the resources to tempt the football superstar with a lucrative offer.

The move could work in more ways than one, seeing as wife Victoria is currently making her mark on the fashion industry – and Paris would be the perfect place for her business.

However, It remains to be seen whether the family would leave behind their base in the States.

Their boys love California and are settled in the school system there.

Victoria even welcomed their first daughter on American soil.

When David was on loan to AC Milan, his wife stayed in the US with their boys and made trips to Italy when her schedule allowed. 

A similar arrangement could be adopted if David does sign for the French club.

Photo: © Rex Features

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  • Could the Beckhams say 'bonjour' to Paris?

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