'Downton' star wishes men were more chivalrous

Tuesday October 25, 2011

Michelle Dockery – who plays feisty Lady Mary Crawley in hit series Downton Abbey – laments the lack of chivalrous manners in modern society.
"Those old manners - such as men standing when women arrive at the dinner table or opening doors for you - are lovely, and it's lovely when you see a man doing that today.

"But young men wouldn't think about that for a second because it's not the culture any more," the leading lady told the Radio Times.
Modern society has its plus points too though, says Michelle.

After working on the second series of Downton – which is set during the First World War – she recognises the social restrictions of the time and appreciates how free people are today.

"We take so many of our freedoms for granted nowadays.

“I can travel where I like, I can have a baby when I like, I can do any job I want," she said. 

Photo: © ITV

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  • 'Downton' star wishes men were more chivalrous

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