Eva Longoria injures herself doing assassin stunts

Friday October 25, 2013

Eva Longoria has revealed that she "almost killed" herself trying to complete her stunts whilst playing an assassin in her up-coming movie Out Of the Blue.

"I'm old... I hurt my back, I hurt my hip," she told the hosts of American chat show The View. The 38-year-old co-directed the short film alongside Ron Howard.

Out of the Blue follows Eva's character who has to fight her way through a series of challenges to stop a madman. Her skills are tested when she discovers that a loved one is in danger. Then the mission takes a surprising turn that leaves the audience wandering if it is all just a game.

The short movie, which will be aired on Yahoo on Friday, is a part of Ron Howard's Canon project Imaginat10n. The venture allows celebrities to get behind the camera and try their hand at directing, Jamie Foxx has also directed his own film called And she was my Eve.

Eva and Jamie both attended the premiere of their films on Thursday night.

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  • Eva Longoria injures herself doing assassin stunts

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