Race ace Lewis Hamilton in trouble over wheelspin

Friday March 26, 2010

Formula One champ Lewis Hamilton has been booked for a driving offence in Melbourne.

Due to take part in a grand prix race there at the weekend, the 25 year old was charged with improper use of a motor vehicle after being caught spinning his wheels when leaving Albert Park racetrack.

Lewis is not expected to appear in court but was charged by summons and a fine is expected to be issued in the near future.

"Officers noticed there was a deliberate loss of traction of the wheels of the motor car ie the wheels were spinning," a police spokesperson says.

"Legal process will take place in due course and there is a monetary charge by summons.

"The man was returned to his hotel and the car has been impounded for 48 hours.

"He does not have to appear in court and alcohol was not a factor in the incident."

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  • Race ace Lewis Hamilton in trouble over wheelspin

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