Singer Sonique gets the all-clear from breast cancer

Monday April 26, 2010

Sonique has revealed she has been given the all clear following her battle with breast cancer.

The 41-year-old was diagnosed with the condition in May 2009 and has undergone three operations, intensive chemotherapy and a recent batch of preventative radiotherapy.

"It's all good and they've given me the thumbs up and all of that, so I'm just trying not to hang on to that whole thing now," the singer says.

"I'm trying to just distance myself away from the whole experience as much as possible."

Sonique plans to use her experience to encourage women to get themselves checked out.

"I thought it was a cyst so I'd dismissed it for about four months which is really bad of me. But I suppose no-one wants to even admit, or even have that be a problem. You don't want to know the truth.

"But the sooner you do, even if you have just a little suspicion, you should check it."

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  • Singer Sonique gets the all-clear from breast cancer

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