Harry wants to take Paul Burrell to task over revelations

Tuesday May 26, 2009

Prince Harry is ready to confront his late mother's former butler Paul Burrell after apparently being "incensed" by the ex-royal retainer's remarks in a recent interview on Italian TV, the Daily Express reports. 

Following the 50-year-old dad-of-two's appearance on the programme earlier this month, during which he claimed Prince Charles took little interest in Harry's birth and that Diana cried an "ocean of tears" when her husband told her he never loved her, the soldier Prince wants to call Paul to ask him to stop him causing further upset.

"Harry is angry that he, his mother and his father are being spoken about by Burrell in this way," a royal source told the paper. "He's had to put up with a lot from Burrell but this latest interview was the final straw." 

"Harry knew Burrell very well when he was child so you would hope he will finally be shown some loyalty," the source added

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  • Harry wants to take Paul Burrell to task over revelations

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