Felicity gets axe on ‘The Apprentice’

Thursday May 26, 2011

Trained actress Felicity Jackson made her exit from the high drama of The Apprentice after Lord Sugar told her: "You're fired."

The 24-year-old was told to leave after failing a beauty task.

"I was project manager and the task was awful, it went really badly," she admitted following her team's failure in the fourth challenge.

"I think when it goes that badly you do have to bear some responsibility on the project manager's shoulders and unfortunately that was me."

The rival teams were set the task of picking and mastering two beauty treatments, then selling them on to shoppers in Birmingham.

But Felicity came under fire from Lord Sugar for focusing on selling products instead of treatments.

After struggling to decide which colleagues to bring back into the boardroom with her, Felicity picked Ellie Reed and Natasha Scribbins - who promptly laid the blame on her.

After the tense showdown the three women left the building without a handshake - but Felicity insisted the less than fond farewell "really wasn't a big deal".

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