'ER' actress Alex Kingston and husband divorcing

Tuesday October 26, 2010

English actress Alex Kingston’s 12-year marriage to husband Florian Haertel is ending in divorce, according to reports.

A source tells the Daily Mail: "Alex is devastated. She has pulled out (of) an upcoming TV project as she just needs time to recover."

Best known for her roles in Moll Flanders, ER and Doctor Who, she was formerly married to actor Ralph Fiennes, but their relationship came to an end when he left her for his Hamlet co-star, Francesca Annis.

Alex met writer Florian after her move to Los Angeles in 1997 and shortly after they married the couple went through a long IVF process in order to have a child.

After numerous attempts, Alex gave birth to their daughter Salome in 2001.

Hoping to have more children Alex said that she would be happy to go through the stressful IVF process again but that her husband was against the idea.

The couple tried twice to adopt a second child but both attempts were unsuccessful.

"People assume that celebrities can adopt babies as easily as Angelina Jolie," she has said.

"But they don’t hear about the ones who aren’t successful because we don’t like talking about it, it’s too painful."

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