Karl Pilkington fails to make Warwick Davies ill

Monday November 26, 2012

Ricky Gervais revealed that Karl Pilkington tried to make new travel companion Warwick Davies ill by offering him unwelcome foodstuffs on the new series of An Idiot Abroad.

Karl, who travelled with the Life's Too Short star from Venice to China on the Marco Polo route, played a series of pranks on his holiday buddy so that he could go home.

Ricky, who created the series, revealed: "Warwick was the only one that wasn't ill, which annoyed Karl, so there's one scene where he's slipping him food that he thinks will make Warwick ill. It's the funniest two minutes of television I have ever seen, I was crying with laughter."

Karl kept worrying about his companion's health, but Ricky insists he was faking it.

Ricky said: "It was all an excuse. All the way through the show he kept saying to Warwick, 'Are you all right, you don't look very well'.

"Warwick was fine, Karl just wanted to get out of it himself. So that's how it started, but it's turned out better than I could ever have imagined."

Karl added: "I do not know why he did not get ill. He's closer to the floor than me and there's all the filth on the floor. I don't understand it."

But Warwick puts it down to his "iron constitution".

The final installment of the programme will be aired on Friday.

Image: © PA

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