Padma Lakshmi 'devastated' over public custody battle

Thursday January 27, 2011

Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi has made clear in the past she would work out visitation rights for the child she has with venture capitalist Adam Dell.

She wanted Adam to be involved in the life of their daughter, who was born last February.

But it seems that a custody battle may be brewing between the two after he has sought legal help to secure time with their child.

The 41-year-old has reportedly filed court papers in New York requesting more time with 11-month-old Krishna. According to a friend, Padma is "devastated" that he has chosen a public route to air his grievances. 

Salman Rushdie's former wife was hoping to reach an agreement in a private manner.

Adam’s attorney however says his client was in no way seeking attention, rather simply had to "assert his rights as a father".

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  • Padma Lakshmi 'devastated' over public custody battle

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