Meryl Streep's Iron Lady is Oscar gold

Monday February 27, 2012

Meryl Streep has one an Oscar for third time after 17 nominations for Her performance as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady.

As she accepted her award from last year's Best Actor, Colin Firth, she said: "When they called my name I imagined half of America going 'Aw, no! Her! Again!".

The emotional star then went on to say she saw her life before her eyes.

"My old friends and my new friends. Her friends, are what I cling to, more than the films themselves or the prizes they bring".

"So thank-you to my friends. The ones that are departed and the ones that are here. Thank-you."

Meryl Streep: The many faces of a screen chameleon

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  • Meryl Streep's Iron Lady is Oscar gold

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