Michael Douglas on Catherine's depression

Wednesday April 27, 2011

Michael Douglas has spoken out about his wife's recent diagnosis with bipolar II disorder and five day stint in rehab.

Talking to Oprah Winfrey, the actor admitted that his battle with throat cancer had "exacerbated" Catherine Zeta-Jones' manic depression.

But he also blamed the Swansea-born actress' breakdown on her "Welsh upper lip", and the fact that she bottled up her feelings, remaining "stoic" during his plight.

"I think that part of Catherine's whole background, she's Welsh and the Welsh it's all stiff upper lip, not let your feelings show," he said.

"In my last year and a half my oldest son is in federal prison, my ex-wife is suing me, and I got cancer. It's kind of hard for the wife to say, "I'm depressed".

"That played a big part of it, she's got to be stoic and deal with all the stuff I'm going through."

Michael, 66, also added that Catherine, 41, is now back at work and "relieved" to have gained a better understanding of her illness.

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