Robert Redford doesn't share PM's 'narrow' film views

Friday April 27, 2012

Robert Redford has criticised Prime Minister David Cameron for comments he made about the film industry.

During a January visit to Pinewood Studios, the premier said the Government should help "UK producers to make commercially successful pictures".

But his words haven't gone down well with Hollywood veteran Robert, who is currently promoting independent cinema for the Sundance Festival.

"That view, I think, is very narrow. It doesn't speak to the broad category of filmmakers and artists," he said.

The actor also revealed he was "not a particular fan" of 3D, and excessive technology in filmmaking.

"My feeling right now is things have gone too far, at some great cost by the way, and time will tell whether it really works or not." he added.

Photo: © Getty

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  • Robert Redford doesn't share PM's 'narrow' film views

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