Cherie Blair sells husband's autograph on eBay

Wednesday October 27, 2010

Cherie Blair has been known in the past to love a bargain, famously shopping for 99p trinkets on eBay while her husband was Prime Minister.

And the 56-year-old has caused quite a stir recently by selling a copy of her husband's autograph for £10 on the website eBay.

However far from needing the money, Cherie was trying to "make a point".

According to her spokesman, "she refunded the money as soon as it was sold. She was cross that other people were selling his autograph on eBay, when you can get one for free.

"So she was trying to undermine the market, and as soon as someone bought it, she refunded the person straight away."

Photo: © Getty

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  • Cherie Blair sells husband's autograph on eBay

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