Fern Britton reveals she is battling depression

Friday November 27, 2009

During her time presenting This Morning, Fern Britton gained a reputation for her bubbly personality and happy demeanour.

It might come as a surprise to her many supporters then that the 52-year-old takes anti-depressants to help maintain her positive outlook.

"I genuinely am cheery at the moment and on an even keel. I've got my medication completely right," she said in a recent interview.

"I still take a small amount of anti-depressants every day, for me it's like being diabetic."

"When I don't have it, like this summer when I finished work, I thought, 'I'll ease myself off it and see what happens. Perhaps I'll be fine now?'

"And I wasn’t fine. My GP is fantastic. Sadly I think its something we have in the family."

Fern – married to celebrity chef Phil Vickery – went on to say her grandfather, father and brother have battled depression too.

She also revealed that her doctor prescribed her hormone replacement therapy when her menopausal symptoms began to make life more difficult.

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  • Fern Britton reveals she is battling depression

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