Keith Lemon: 'Fearne will be a great mum'

Monday January 28, 2013

Keith Lemon has spoken out about work colleague Fearne Cotton and how he thinks she will a fantastic mum.

"I think Fearne will be a fantastic mum. She's the most professional person I've ever met in her life so I guess as a mother she'll be the same. She's committed to everything she does."

The comedian also admitted he doesn't think he'll be asked to babysit his Celebrity Juice co-star's baby.

Fearne is expecting her first child with boyfriend Jesse Wood but Keith reckons she wouldn't trust him to look after the newborn.

"I don't think she'll ask me to babysit. I'll show it the wrong films. I'll be like, 'I've brought Trainspotting around, First Blood, Rambo'," Keith said.

The funny TV host, who has a series of catchphrases, also revealed he gets recognised everywhere he goes.

"It's tough especially when you're in a supermarket buying potatoes and everyone's shouting 'Potato' at you," he confessed.

"I don't sit there thinking, 'I've got a catchphrase'. The audience makes them. I say something and they start repeating it, and then I'm obliged to say it every week."

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  • Keith Lemon: 'Fearne will be a great mum'

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