Lord Sugar reveals: 'No more 'Celebrity Apprentice''

Monday May 28, 2012

Lord Alan Sugar has revealed he will not be making another series of Celebrity Apprentice.

The business mogul shared the news after winning a BAFTA for the hit TV show. He admitted it was because "they can be a bit difficult to deal with some of these people."

But he has confirmed that another series of The Apprentice and The Young Apprentice were already in the pipeline.

Lord Sugar also confessed he has to rein in his anger on The Young Apprentice to stop himself upsetting the young contestants.

He admitted he had to remind himself he is dealing with children when making the junior version of the show.

"It's a bit of a balance of trying to maintain authority but also remember you've got 16 and 17 year olds in front of you. It is a balance," he said.

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  • Lord Sugar reveals: 'No more 'Celebrity Apprentice''

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