Hilary Swank saves stray dogs in Hungary

Thursday June 28, 2012

Hilary Swank has been fighting for animal rights.

The Oscar-winning actress visited the Romanian capital, Bucharest, which has 35,000 stray dogs.

Hilary, who rarely leaves home without Kai, a devoted Jack Russell stray she rescued in Los Angeles, says street dogs can help disadvantaged people.

"I believe that is so healing to these kids who don't trust people any more," she said.

"The unconditional love of an animal is very healing and teaches them about not just unconditional love but about a relationship, about responsibility, about anger management."

The stray dogs have sparked fierce debate - some believe they should be put down, others advocate putting the dogs in shelters or sterilisation.

Hilary said she is starting a US charity called Hilaroo to bring needy children and animals together. The charity combines her name and that of her late dog, Karoo.

'I've seen first-hand how it changes the path of the soul, for the animal and for the child," she said.

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  • Hilary Swank saves stray dogs in Hungary

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