Lady Gaga to be ordained so she can marry friends

Thursday July 28, 2011

Lady Gaga has revealed the reason why she wants to be ordained as a minister - so she can marry her pals.

The Born This Way singer intends to join a same sex couple in matrimony, now that legislation allowing these marriages in New York has been passed.

"My yoga instructor Tricia is a lesbian and she lives with her partner for years now, and they have a beautiful daughter.

"And [they] asked me to marry them. So yes, I'm going to," the 25-year-old told US radio host JoJo Wright on his Kiis FM show.

"It's their private wedding. But they're very proud of it because they have waited a long time to be able to legitimise their love for one another, so it's really beautiful."

Gaga - who also revealed she is planning to have more tattoos - is thrilled that New York is the sixth state to legalise same-sex marriage.

"I just think for myself as an activist it's always about being positive and honouring and being excited about the small steps that are taken toward equality," she continued.

"I'm excited about the things that are happening and I'm going to continue to band together with all my friends and with my generation to continue to fight for our rights," she added. 

Brad Pitt backs the New York legislation

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  • Lady Gaga to be ordained so she can marry friends

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