Shirley MacLaine warns not to overlook golden oldies

Tuesday August 28, 2012

Oscar-winning actress Shirley MacLaine believes that not enough films are being made for the older generation.

The 78-year-old star will star as Martha Levinson, Cora Crawley's mother in the new series of Downton Abbey, and believes her years have made her more sympathetic towards her peers.

"I've reached a point where I'm in sync with an audience of senior citizens, and I am making four pictures for them this year," she told , the Radio Times.
"They have no movies made for them. Things are done according to money these days."

Known for her roles in Terms of Endearment and Ask Any Girl, the American actress denied that she had been hired to appeal to audiences in the States, where Downton Abbey has been nominated in 16 categories for next month's Emmy awards.

"It's not pandering," she said. "I'm a volleyball partner for Maggie. Who else would they get? Let me think: Anthony Hopkins in drag."

The third series of the show will be aired this September.

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  • Shirley MacLaine warns not to overlook golden oldies

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