Michael Jackson's doctor weeps in manslaughter trial

Wednesday September 28, 2011

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The doctor accused of causing Michael Jackson's death wipes away a tear at the start of his trial in Los Angeles.

Dr Conrad arrived in court, holding hands with his mother, to deny involuntary manslaughter.

Prosecutors argued that he was an incompetent physician who used a dangerous anaesthetic without adequate safeguards.

Lawyers also told jurors he left the 50-year-old superstar abandoned as he lay dying after administering a drug dose, including propofol.

A recording of Michael sounding slurred and apparently heavily drugged as he left a message the medic's phone was also heard during the televised proceedings.

He said: "We have to be phenomenal. When people leave this show, when people leave my show, I want them to say, 'I've never seen nothing like this in my life.

"'Go. Go. I've never seen nothing like this. Go. It's amazing. He's the greatest entertainer in the world'."

The defence argues that the Thriller artist administered the lethal dose himself.

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  • Michael Jackson's doctor weeps in manslaughter trial

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