Rockin' horror show: Alice Copper talks Halloween

Friday October 28, 2011

For a man whose day job involves staging shows full of guillotines and fake blood, you might think Alice Cooper spends Halloween at home in a scented bubble bath.

But you would be wrong.

The goth rock star has revealed he used to love taking his kids trick or treating at Halloween – just for the pleasure of scaring the neighbours.

The School's Out rocker told the Daily Telegraph: "Oh yeah, I loved trick or treating with my kids."

"Only when the tension became unbearable did I finally tear off my mask and - surprise!- It's Alice Cooper!"

The 63-year-old, who is notorious for macabre stage shows and theatrical heavy metal, went on to admit that he gets just as much out of the thrills as his children.

"There's a seven-year-old inside all of us who loves the idea of being frightened - but safe.

"It's good to let him out, so we go on roller coasters, into haunted houses and to shows like mine.

"It's amazing that that little guy inside never goes away, and I kind of hope he never does."

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  • Rockin' horror show: Alice Copper talks Halloween

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