'Women In Love' director Ken Russell dies at 84

Monday November 28, 2011

British film director Ken Russell has died at the age of 84.

The director's son, Alex, said the Women In Love director died in hospital on Sunday.

"His contribution to TV and cinema in this country is absolutely unique. He took it into areas it hadn't been before.

"They were riveting movies and TV because this strange mind was at work", said fellow director Michael Winner.
Ken was known as an enfant terrible of the British movie world, with his challenging subject matter, with uncomfortable stories about the church and sexually challenging material.

His Women In Love is known to a generation for its naked male wrestling scene, and his film The Devils - which initially featured a scene with naked nuns - was banned by some authorities in the UK and in many other countries. 

He went on to make an unlikely appearance in Celebrity Big Brother in 2007, although he lasted only a matter of days, leaving after a disagreement with fellow contestant Jade Goody.

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  • 'Women In Love' director Ken Russell dies at 84

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