Thieves target Lily Cole's £600 bicycle

Monday December 28, 2009

Model-turned-student Lily Cole has been left saddened by the theft of her beloved Pashley Princess bicycle.

Regularly spotted riding the fashionable mode of transport on campus at Cambridge University, the flame-haired star's bike was stolen whilst she was inside studying for her History of Art degree.

It wasn't just the loss of her trusty transport that left Lily upset, though. The 21-year-old was taken aback by the abandonment of her pretty wicker basket.

"They took the basket off and left it on the ground," she said.

"I think that was the most hurtful part of the ordeal! I bought the bike because it had a nice basket and they just left it there."

Lily, who is in her second year of studies, has previously spoken about the importance of protecting her precious possession.

"I don't park it at the station. The station is like a cesspit of cycles. It's a bit ugly, so I don't take my bike there," she said.

"I don't think it's nice to put it in so much danger."
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  • Thieves target Lily Cole's £600 bicycle

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