Linda Nolan dismisses self-harm rumours

Wednesday January 29, 2014

Linda Nolan appeared on ITV’s Daybreak to dismiss rumours that she was self-harming.

The 54-year-old had struggled with depression, but explained to Aled Jones and Lorraine Kelly that she had put it behind her.

“In my depression a couple of years ago when I was at my lowest ebb, I did self harm,” she admitted. “I used to do that by biting my hand - ridiculous I know - but you know when you’re that low. “What I tend to do now when I get stressed is I rub my hand until the skin gets raw,” she added.

The singer also explained that she had stopped using social media and “come off Twitter” because of negative and abusive comments she had received. “It’s absolutely disgraceful,” she said of the abuse. “I don’t think it should be allowed.”

Linda also added that she spoke to her sister Coleen Nolan about social media, describing it as “like giving your home phone number to strangers all around the world”.

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  • Linda Nolan dismisses self-harm rumours

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