Auschwitz visit reduces PM's wife Sarah Brown to tears

Wednesday April 29, 2009

Normally known for her reserve the PM's wife Sarah Brown struggled to maintain her composure during a tour of the former Polish concentration camp at Auschwitz with her husband. 
Holding a guide about the camp where over a million victims of the Nazis met their death she wiped away a tear  as she watched Mr Brown sign the visitors' book.
"In this place of darkness, I reaffirm my belief that we all have a duty, each and every one of us, not to stand by but to stand up against discrimination and prejudice," wrote the British leader.  
The couple had earlier walked along the railway tracks which once carried the wagons transporting holocaust victims to their fate, and stood in the lookout tower from which their jailers kept watch over inmates

Photo: © PA

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  • Auschwitz visit reduces PM's wife Sarah Brown to tears

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