'I've skipped my meds' admits Kerry Katona on TV appearance

Friday May 29, 2009

Reality TV star Kerry Katona appeared on Breakfast TV on Friday for the first time since her much talked about This Morning appearance last year. During the GMTV interview the former pop star admitted she hadn't taken her medication as she was afraid of her speech being affected.

"I never took my medication last night because I was so embarrassed about what happened on This Morning - I didn't want to slur," said the mum-of-four, who suffers from bipolar disorder. "I thought if I take my meds and come on and start slurring I'll just get criticised again because no one gets it. The public don't understand."

The 28-year-old seemed nervous as she spoke to host Andrew Castle, fiddling with her hair and at one point losing track of the conversation, asking: "What was I saying?".

She spoke about her condition in a joint interview with a psychologist and also discussed her relationship with husband Marc Croft. "We'll probably get divorced next week," she joked, before praising his patience with her.

"My bipolar affects him as well and he just deals with it. I'm sure you see in the show I go over the top. I'm on a low, I sit in the bedroom crying, just because I can't handle things," she revealed

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  • 'I've skipped my meds' admits Kerry Katona on TV appearance

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