Mercy brings new mum Madonna and ex Guy closer

Monday June 29, 2009

The arrival of Madonna's newly adopted daughter in Britain seems to have encouraged a rapprochement between the singer and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie.  

He was one of the first in her circle to meet four-year-old Mercy James, originally from Malawi, and spent Friday bonding with mother and daughter.

British filmmaker Guy has only met the little girl once before in 2006, but quickly warmed to her.  
A friend told the Daily Mail: "He has nicknamed her Koala, as she has this habit of clinging to people and not wanting to let go."  

Later, he joined the Material Girl and their whole family at a Kabbalah service. In a sign that she's loving being a mum to another child, the 50-year-old Hung Up singer was seen giving the little one a piggyback out of the religious centre.  

Mercy's sister Lourdes is said to have provided another motivation for the couple to put their difficult divorce behind them.  

Lourdes, the star's12-year-old from a previous relationship, loves Guy and begged them to mend fences.  

"She hated the fact that they were having a go at each other in the press," said the source. "She told them to stop it. Since then Madonna has been making a real effort."

Photo: © Rex

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  • Mercy brings new mum Madonna and ex Guy closer

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