'My marriage is solid': 'BB' evictee Sally Bercow

Monday August 29, 2011

Evicted Celebrity Big Brother contestant Sally Bercow has revealed that her appearance on the reality television show caused "the biggest fight" of her marriage.

But she brushed off rumours of a divorce, saying that her eight-year-marriage with the Speaker of the House of Commons, the Right Hon John Bercow, was "solid".

In an interview with The Daily Express the mother of three said she had no regrets about the experience.

She also said she would be keen to take part in a host of other television shows.

"Me and John are as solid as a rock," said 41-year-old Sally.

"I have got to be honest - it was really tough going into the house and I am not going to pretend otherwise.

"My husband really wasn't in favour and a lot of the establishment weren't.

"I was really nervous plucking up the courage to tell John and telling the political world generally and I didn't really think any further than that and raising money for charity."

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  • 'My marriage is solid': 'BB' evictee Sally Bercow

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