Billy Connolly given BAFTA achievement award

Monday October 29, 2012

Scottish comedian Billy Connolly will be honoured at the Scottish BAFTAs this year with a lifetime achievement award after celebrating six decades of showbusiness.

The 69-year-old comedian, actor and musician will be hailed by BAFTA as one of Scotland's most successful talents, and will be given the award for his outstanding contribution to TV and film.

Affectionately termed the Big Yin, the funnyman cannot attend the November ceremony due to prior commitments, but will be sending an appreciative recorded message to be played at the event.

Keen to share his gratitude, Billy called his award "quite groovy".

He said: "I'm really pleased and proud to receive this trophy from BAFTA in Scotland because I know you probably think we luvvies get shiny prizes all the time. But actually, sometimes we don't."

"I'm really sorry I can't be there because I'm in San Francisco doing some prior engagements. But in December I will be in Glasgow, where my heart is all the time, doing a BAFTA Life in Pictures event highlighting my film and television work from over the years, which might be quite groovy."

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  • Billy Connolly given BAFTA achievement award

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