Anna Kendrick releases hit song Cups in the UK

Tuesday October 29, 2013

Today sees Anna Kendrick's smash hit song Cups get its UK release.

The song's global success began after the actress performed a capella version of Cups in last year's hit movie Pitch Perfect.

The standout scene from the film saw Anna playing out the song's rhythm with just a plastic cup as her instrument, using the floor and her hands to tap out the tune, all the while flawlessly singing Cups.

Cups was subsequently released as a single in the US where it sold more than two millions copies and topped the adult contemporary Billboard charts.

Originally recorded by the Carter Family in 1931 and called When I'm Gone, Anna's extended and updated version has become a YouTube phenomenon, racking up over 51 million views.

The music video, choreographed by Aakomon Jones, is set in a roadside diner and features Anna as a waitress performing the tune to the now renowned cup rhythm.

Also in the video are a select group of lucky fans who were chosen from thousands who auditioned to take part.

The Academy Award-nominated actress is currently in the UK filming her new movie, Into the Woods, where she plays Cinderella. The film also stars Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep and James Corden and will see Anna show off her impressive singing skills once again.

Since the overwhelming success of Cups, Anna has also signed a record deal with Republic Records.

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  • Anna Kendrick releases hit song Cups in the UK

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