Brad and Angelina plan 'simple' wedding

Thursday November 29, 2012

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have revealed that they are avoiding the glitz and glamour of most A-list weddings and opting to tie the knot in a more 'simple affair'.

The pair, who became engaged in April after seven years together, have hinted that their nuptials will take place very 'soon', and will be rather laid back.

"Just family. Keep it simple. Keep it simple - really," said Brad. The father-of-six has enjoyed his stay in a Surrey mansion whilst his wife has been working on her latest projects, allowing him to spend time with his family.

"Mama's worked more. And quite frankly I've really enjoyed it," he said.

Earlier this week Brad suggested the couple's nuptials might take place soon, saying their kids would like to see them tie the knot.

"The time is nigh," he said. "It's soon. I got a good feeling about it."

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  • Brad and Angelina plan 'simple' wedding

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