Keira Knightley reveals herself to be a commited foodie

Thursday April 30, 2009

No wonder so many women want  to swap places with Keira Knightley. Not only does she get to kiss the likes of Johnny Depp and James McAvoy, she's also revealed that despite her slender frame she's a real food fan.
"In my family life all good things revolve around the dinner table," she recently told an Australian magazine. "My mum's cooking is great. We have big dinners, and big everything."
"There's nothing like a really good chip, a really crunchy, good chip. And I love pasta. I make bolognaise with tons and tons of Parmesan cheese."
Her enthusiasm not withstanding, the Atonement beauty's efforts in the kitchen have on occasion been a little fraught. "The other night, a friend was teaching me how to make an eggplant bake. I brought it out of the oven … and I dropped it. It smashed all over the kitchen and I burst into tears," she revealed.
"Ten minutes later we were laughing about it. I mean, if I were Nigella Lawson, I would have licked it off the floor very seductively, as opposed to bursting into tears"

Photo: Rex

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  • Keira Knightley reveals herself to be a commited foodie

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