Tom Daley: 'I love you so much dad'

Monday May 30, 2011

The devoted father of British diving champion Tom Daley died from cancer at the age of 40 at the weekend. 

His devasted son lead the mourning with a heartbreaking message on Twitter: "I love you so much dad".

A few hours later, he added: "If I could be half the dad that my dad was to me then that would be my best achievement! I love you! Xx"

In a statement released later on Saturday night, Tom said: “My dad was an incredibly brave man, completely dedicated to his family, with a love for all.

“He died 14 months exactly to the start of the 2012 Olympics. I hope he will be watching and waving his big union jack in London from somewhere else. I love you so much dad.”

Mr Daley had been a constant fixture at Tom's side from the moment he joined Plymouth Diving Club at the age of seven.

And he was extremely proud of his talented son, often struggling to keep his emotions in check following big wins.

Robert had been fighting a battle with a brain tumour for four years.

Photo: © Rex

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