Farrah Fawcett leaves thousands to women's charities

Tuesday June 30, 2009

The late Farrah Fawcett is living on through her charity work after leaving a substantial portion of her estate to LA refuges for abused women.

The Charlie's Angels actress, who passed away last Thursday at the age of 62 after a three-year-battle with cancer, is said to have left thousands of dollars to her favourite charities.

Since playing an abused woman in 1984's The Burning Bed  - for which she received three Emmy nominations - the actress dedicated much of her time to helping victims of domestic violence through global appeals.

News of the donation comes as her loved ones gather in LA for her memorial service, which her imprisoned son, Redmond O'Neal, will attend after being granted a temporary leave.

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  • Farrah Fawcett leaves thousands to women's charities

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