Doctor describes confused last minutes of Michael's life

Tuesday June 30, 2009

In the last frantic minutes of Michael Jackson's life just after 11.30am on Thursday, his personal physician Dr Conrad Murray struggled to find anyone to dial emergency services, it's been claimed.

A lawyer for the cardiologist, who'd only lived in the singer's huge rented mansion for a matter of weeks before his death, said no one responded to his cries.

This meant the medic was forced to break off from attempts to resuscitate the star to seek assistance, said attorney Edward Chernoff, who was with him during a police interview.

The phones in the house were not working for "privacy reasons" explained the spokesman, adding that his client couldn't use his own mobile because he was unsure of the exact address.

He also insisted suggestions the doctor had given Michael a shot of the painkiller Demerol were untrue and went further to say he had never prescribed the drug for him.

Photo: © PA

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  • Doctor describes confused last minutes of Michael's life

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