Joe Jonas thinks Emma Watson is 'pretty incredible'

Thursday June 30, 2011

Teen sensation Joe Jonas has confessed he has a crush on Harry Potter star Emma Watson.

The 21-year-old Jonas Brother revealed on Daybreak he thinks the actress is "pretty incredible."

Asked by viewers to reveal his biggest celebrity crush, Joe blushed: "Well the problem with this one, is I end up meeting the person and it just can be very awkward."

The Disney star, who is launching his own solo music career, also admitted he had been nervous about telling his brothers Nick and Kevin he wanted to take a break from their band The Jonas Brothers.

But he revealed: "They were actually supportive.

"They've been really supportive this whole time.

"I went to my brothers and said 'Listen guys, I have this music I've been working on for a while now, would you be guys be cool if I made a project with it?'

"And they've been so supportive from day one so I've been having a good time with it."

And he insisted there will never be any rivalry between him and his brothers as they pursue solo projects.

Joe said: "I think the only time that we really get crazy with each other is when we play sports.

"Because we're always so used to music and it's comfortable, but when we play sports - whether it's football or baseball - we'll really just go at it."

Photo: © Rex

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