Amy Winehouse 'is moving forward,' says dad Mitch

Thursday July 30, 2009

As Amy Winehouse arrived for a court hearing last week, she looked better than she has done in a long while.

And the singer's father Mitch has spoken this week about how he believes his troubled daughter has turned her life around.

 "She's healthy," says the 59-year-old cabbie. "I'm not saying Amy is cured… but we are getting close to a resolution where she can live her life in a dignified and controlled manner.

 Mitch says his daughter has been clean of drugs since Christmas, and that "she will be making amazing music again, very soon".

However, he does admit that during her extended stay in St Lucia, her drinking escalated.

"But she tells me it's something which she will stop – and I believe her," he tells the Daily Mirror.

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  • Amy Winehouse 'is moving forward,' says dad Mitch

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