Disappointment for Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield

Monday July 30, 2012

Diving duo Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield have missed out on a medal in the men's 10m synchronised platform event.

The British hopefuls scored 454.65 which put them in fourth place after Team USA, Mexico and China who took bronze, silver and gold respectively.

The winners, Yuan Cao and Yanquan Zhang, scored 486.78.

Tom, 18, and Peter, 31, had been top of the leaderboard for their first three dives. However, as Tom observed, "It was just that fourth one, the three-and-a-half reverse dive and when you feel like that after it's difficult to get back."

Peter agreed, saying "On the fourth dive, I was a bit high and you cannot makes mistakes in this kind of competition."

Former British diver and BBC commentator Leon Taylor praised the pair, saying "They did absolutely everything they could."

Photo: PA

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  • Disappointment for Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield

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