Olympics ceremony gatecrasher was invited

Monday July 30, 2012

The woman who stole the limelight from the Indian team during the Olympics opening ceremony has insisted she was invited to take part.

Madhura Nagendra came when she was seen walking next to the flagbearer wearing a casual red jacket and jeans amid the rest of the Indian team.

The 26-year-old's father, KL Negendra, has defended his daughter saying that "one of the organisers asked her to walk along with the team".

He added: "This might have hurt our team's feelings. I feel very sorry for that."

But the contingent's acting chef de mission, Brig PK Muralidharan Raja, said: "She had no business to walk in with the Indian contingent".

Madhura's father claimed that Danny Boyle asked his daughter, who studies management at the London School of Business, to join the dance performance as she is a keen amateur dancer.

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