Sir Jimmy Savile's possessions in charity auction

Monday July 30, 2012

Items that belonged to Sir Jimmy Savile are currently under auction in Saviles Hall, at the Royal Armouries in his former home city of Leeds.

During his life the late DJ raised an estimated £40 million for good causes and requested that his possessions were also sold for charity upon his death.

The auction, which is expected to take at least eight hours, includes the star's first ever chair from his Jim'll Fix It TV show, his gold suits, Cuban cigars, trademark tracksuits and jewellery, including a £12,000 gold and diamond-encrusted Rolex watch and a gold identity bracelet.

So far one of his Highland suits has sold for £280 and his beloved Rolls-Royce went for £130,000.

There have also been some surprising sales, such as a Scottish shepherd's crook, with an estimated value of £30 - £60 which went for £380.

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