Suri Cruise's wardrobe reportedly worth £2 million

Wednesday September 30, 2009

Suri Cruise's parents number some of the world's most talented designers amongst their friends. 

This has definite perks when it comes to gift time, with Tom and Katie's junior fashionista often given their fabulous creations for free. 

All these presents from famous family friends obviously add up, and now one media estimate has put her wardrobe at some £2 million.

While it's not known who made the sparkly kitten heels she wore recently, they will certainly have cost a pretty penny. 

Then there are the red Roger Vivier pumps she owns (pictured).  

The French label's creative director sent the little girl a one-off, custom-made pair, on learning how much she admired her mum's flats.

And when Roberta Armani, another friend from the world of fashion, styled Tom and Katie's wedding she got her uncle Giorgio to make Suri a silk tulle dress for the festivities.

Photo: © Rex

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  • Suri Cruise's wardrobe reportedly worth £2 million

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