New Dr Who stopped at airport with sonic screwdriver

Wednesday March 31, 2010

It seems Doctor Who can't magic his way out every situation.

New Timelord Matt Smith ran into trouble as he passed through body scans at Heathrow Airport this week.

The 27-year-old, who was boarding a flight to Belfast, was stopped when the sonic screwdriver he was carrying in his pocket was identified as a weapon by officials.

"Matt's a huge fan of the screwdriver so didn't think anything of carrying it with him on the plane. It's basically just a fake prop and doesn't exactly do much," a source tells The Sun.

"But going through the X-ray scanner it probably looks like a weapon, albeit something you'd see in Star Wars.

"Matt was very polite and explained what the screwdriver was. But the guards just looked puzzled. Fortunately he had some Doctor Who promo material on him so was able to show them who he was.

"Once the penny dropped and they had a proper look at the screwdriver, they let him through."

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  • New Dr Who stopped at airport with sonic screwdriver

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