Cheryl Cole holds a big divorce clean-out

Monday May 31, 2010

After launching divorce proceedings against her husband Ashley last week, Cheryl Cole is looking forward to a fresh start.

And to get things underway, the 26-year-old singer has decided to give away thousand of pounds worth of jewellery – including some items bought for her by the football star.

Necklaces, earrings and bracelets were all given out to Cheryl's friends and her mum Joan during a recent girl's night in, the Sun reports.

One such piece is said to have been the heart shaped pendant she was seen wearing during the 2006 World Cup (pictured).

"Cheryl has had a massive clear-out, like anyone would after a breakup. A load of jewellery, especially earrings and necklaces, some of which were bought for her by Ashley, were thrown into the tidy-up," a source said.

"She didn’t even like a lot of the pieces as they're not her style, far too bling. Even the bits she does like, she doesn’t want to wear them, although she has held on to her wedding ring."

Meanwhile, the Girls Aloud beauty made headlines at the weekend when it emerged that US dancer Derek Hough was staying at her house.

But those close to Cheryl have said it is no secret that the handsome 25-year-old was coming for a visit.

"Derek will be there for the best part of a week," the source said.

"He is there as a friend for Cheryl. Of course he is in a separate bedroom."

"They do laugh a lot together. She has told her mum he is not ready to enter a relationship for at least a year."

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  • Cheryl Cole holds a big divorce clean-out

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