Susan Boyle plans to crack America with November trip

Friday July 31, 2009

Britain's Got Talent sensation Susan Boyle has her sights set on cracking the States before she releases any music in Britain.

The 48-year-old star is planning a trip across the Pond in November.

There she'll sing at several public events before releasing her album at the end of that month.

Bosses are reportedly keen to concentrate her efforts on the US market, as they see it as being the most crucial.

"We are really pleased with how well she is doing and the album is well on the way to being finished," says a source close to the singer, who shot to fame with her rousing rendition of I Dreamed A Dream on the TV star show.

And if Susan's past experience is anything to go by, the former church worker won't have any problems capturing the attention of US audiences.

During her BGT stint, Susan gained a high profile in America after she garnered celeb Twitter posts and sent YouTube hits rocketing with her performances.

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  • Susan Boyle plans to crack America with November trip

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