Paris Hilton gives explanation over drug arrest

Tuesday August 31, 2010

Socialite Paris Hilton thought the cocaine found in the purse she was carrying was chewing gum, she told Las Vegas officers.

According to the police report, when stopped in the early hours of Saturday morning, Paris said she hadn't seen the bag containing the drugs, "but now thought it was gum".

It actually contained 0.8 grams of cocaine and the 29-year-old faces drug possession charges.

She must appear in court on October 27 arraignment and if convicted she could face four years in prison.

Paris – pictured in her mug shot - has denied the allegations, claiming that the cocaine, and the bag in which it was found, were not hers.

She said she borrowed the purse from a friend.

Paris' boyfriend Cy Waits - who was driving at the time - was booked on charges of driving under the influence.

Photo: © Rex

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