Kiefer on mission to make ultimate cupcake

Wednesday October 31, 2012

Kiefer Sutherland will once again be returning to play Jack Bauer - but in a mission to make the ultimate cupcake.

The actor, who played the hugely popular 24 character, will be appearing in an advert for Acer computers, where he will showcase his tasty treat skills.

The voice over, in the style of an action film commercial, says the latest ultrabook was designed, "so we can all explore our hidden passions.

"For Mr Kiefer Sutherland, that passion is a moist fluffy cupcake."

The 45-year-old Canadian actor is shown in a car chase with a cupcake delivery van, before he interrogates the driver, asking "Who is your supplier?"

He then approaches a woman in the supermarket and asks threateningly, "Where's the icing?!" before raiding the baking aisle.

The star then goes on to blow up his car so he knows the exact dimensions of how large to make his cupcake. This leads to him revealing his "dynamite cupcakes", which are in the shape of a mushroom cloud explosion.

Image: © Getty

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  • Kiefer on mission to make ultimate cupcake

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