Slumdog star Rubina Ali sees family home bulldozed

Thursday December 31, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire star Rubina Ali has been left homeless for the second time this year after government workers tore down her family home on Wednesday.

The talented actress was spotted in tears after the demolition took place in Mumbai where she lived with her parents and baby sister.

The family will now sleep in the open until a new apartment is built.

Rubina, who this year became the youngest person ever to write a memoir, was said to be pleading with the workmen at the time of destruction.

"This is my house, I was born here," she was heard saying.

The ten-year-old's home is among 50 that have been destroyed in the area to make way for a new railway line.

Her family home was previously rebuilt in May when it was bulldozed for the first time.

Photo: PA

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  • Slumdog star Rubina Ali sees family home bulldozed

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