Gary Lineker flashes his impressive six-pack

Thursday December 31, 2009

At a first glance, Gary Lineker's latest ad campaign suggests he spends every free minute in the gym working on his buff body.

However, upon closer inspection it is revealed a muscle suit has provided the impressive torso for his latest television venture.

Keeping up with the traditional good humour of Walkers adverts, viewers will soon see Gary boarding a bus 'completely nude' with nothing but a packet of crisps to cover his modesty.

"This was definitely one of the more unusual Walkers ads I've ever filmed," the dad-of-three says.

"We shot it in South Africa which was great fun - and let's face it, a cold, rainy shoot in Britain would have been a bit chilly for the actors who were all nearly naked - luckily the clever costume designers made sure that everyone's modesty was protected though."

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  • Gary Lineker flashes his impressive six-pack

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